The advanced operating system for utilities

Kraken integrates with all parts of the utilities system. From renewable generation to supplying customers.

Our single operating system helps world-leading businesses across the industry do everything from managing and optimizing energy resources, to delivering excellent customer experiences at a lower cost.

5000MWof contracted capacity

30 MILLIONcustomer accounts

16 COUNTRIEShome to Kraken

30+ MIGRATIONSfrom legacy systems

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$300 Million saved

40% Reduction in costs to serve

5* Customer service

A modern platform that has the ability to remain flexible and agile, a partner that we are confident to move forward with.
Transformation Director, Large Asian Utility

The all-in-one operating system

For generation

Manage, control and optimize everything from large-scale generation to smart-home devices — including batteries, electric vehicles (EVs) and home solar panels.

Kraken improves asset revenue and provides the integration and data required to build smart innovative consumer products.

For supply

1 platform with all the information and tools your team needs to solve any customer problem, and deliver excellent customer experiences.

That includes a customer information system (CIS), billing, meter data management, customer relationship management (CRM), customer interaction and AI-powered communication and automation.

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Powered by KRAKEN

Developing new products and responding to industry and regulatory changes has never been easier.


A smart tariff available in the US, UK and New Zealand that optimizes connected home devices to operate at the cheapest greenest times, saving customers money and helping to balance the grid.

E.ON Next - Energy Bills Support Scheme

The UK government gave customers £400 credit towards their bills. Kraken enabled the implementation of EBSS for UK utilities in less than a month, meaning E.ON Next were the first in the market to offer it to their customers during the energy crisis.

Good Energy - Zap flash tariff

A smart time-of-use tariff that enables EV drivers to charge their car for free when the grid is at its greenest.

Octopus Fan Club

Customers living within the same area as a wind turbine get up to 50% off their electricity bill when it's windy and the turbine is generating electricity.

In our old platform it would take 1 or 2 years to add a new tariff. In Kraken, an easy change takes 3 days, and a complex solution is completed in a week by 2 employees.
Executive, Tokyo Gas

Reliable migrations

We have a trusted and flawless record with migrations.

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customers migrated

$170M savings



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customers migrated from 17 platforms

$250M loss


$150M profit



Why Plenitude chose Kraken

Our key decision criteria was proven migration experience, no other modern platforms could match Kraken. In the end it was an easy decision for us.
Transformation Director, EDF UK

Trusted globally

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Awards and Media

“The software platform that utilities needed”
— Julian Spector, Canary Media

The clean-energy retailer is both serving and disrupting the utility sector — selling software, renewable power, smart home energy devices and more.

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