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NGESO future energy scenarios show the road to net zero is paved by consumer flex

National Grid ESO evaluated four credible paths to the UK reaching net zero in their recently published 2023 Future Energy Scenarios. Read our Chief of Staff’s, Charlotte Johnson, take on why consumer flexibility is key to these decarbonization plans — and how governments and utilities can help.

Charlotte Johnson

Chief of Staff & Global Head of Markets

Partnering with consumers in the wake of climate disaster

Recent climate disasters have shown that our energy consumption habits need a massive overhaul. Our CEO, Devrim Celal, explains why consumers will make that overhaul possible, and how utilities can work with them to do it. Devrim Celal CEO of KrakenFlex

Devrim Celal

CEO of KrakenFlex

How SaaS is driving the consumer energy revolution

The energy industry is working to find innovative new solutions to solve the climate crisis and accelerate the energy transition. But we think an essential element is being overlooked: consumer-centric technology. Read Devrim Celal’s take on the role of SaaS in the race to net zero.

Devrim Celal

CEO of KrakenFlex

Increasing levels of wind generation point to need for more flexibility

In 2022, the UK made enormous strides in renewable energy production, and offshore wind generation hit a record high. But with renewables making up a larger proportion of our energy supply, we need to change our approach to energy storage and consumption to make the most of this shift. Learn more about the urgent need for flexibility, the value of energy trading, and the role of battery storage in our energy future.

Charlotte Johnson

Chief of Staff & Global Head of Markets

How utilities can help the US lead the energy transition

Recent legislative efforts, like the Inflation Reduction Act, have shown the US is eager to recommit to the energy transition. The US government is incentivizing the use of low-carbon devices, emphasizing EVs — but utilities also have a role to play.

Lara Beers

Global Director

Energy storage: making 100% renewable power a reality

From big batteries like the one at the Emirates Stadium to the smaller smart batteries popping up in homes across the UK, the ability to store energy is a vital part of a plan to make renewables work on a massive scale, and it’s all because they bring flexibility to the grid: creating a smarter, more complex, dynamic system.

Jackson Howarth

In-House Writer

Even though everyone is talking about the energy transition, we actually don't need a platform that seems to have everything built out.

Instead, we want a modern platform that keeps the door open, that has the ability to remain flexible and agile, and a partner that we are confident to move forward with.
Transformation Director, Large European Utility

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The clean-energy retailer is both serving and disrupting the utility sector — selling software, renewable power, smart home energy devices and more.

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