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A picture of Octopus Energy CEO Greg Jackson announcing their new smart heating system

Octopus Energy unveils next stage in smart heat revolution at Energy Tech Summit, powered by Kraken

Octopus Energy CEO Greg Jackson launched the smart heating system "Cosy Octopus," which consists of the "Cosy 6," Octopus' new heat pump; "Cosy Hub," a home controls system; "Cosy Pods," room sensors; and a specialized smart tariff — all powered by Kraken.

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NGESO Future Energy Scenarios Show the Road to Net Zero is Paved by Consumer Flex

National Grid ESO evaluated four credible paths to the UK reaching net zero in their recently published 2023 Future Energy Scenarios. Read our Chief of Staff's, Charlotte Johnson, take on why consumer flexibility is key to these decarbonization plans — and how governments and utilities can help.

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Even though everyone is talking about the energy transition, we actually don't need a platform that seems to have everything built out.

Instead, we want a modern platform that keeps the door open, that has the ability to remain flexible and agile, and a partner that we are confident to move forward with.
Transformation Director, Large European Utility

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“The software platform that utilities needed”
— Julian Spector, Canary Media

The clean-energy retailer is both serving and disrupting the utility sector — selling software, renewable power, smart home energy devices and more.

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